How do I find a school district employee’s phone/email address?

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To reach a staff member in the Administration Office: Please call (816) 986-1000. The receptionist will be happy to transfer you to the correct department.
To reach a staff member in a school building: Use the Schools list to obtain the school phone number.


The district’s phone system provides voice mail for all staff district-wide. You may reach your child’s teacher or a staff member by dialing (816) 986-1499. If you do not have the teacher/staff’s voicemail number, please use the convenient directory option:

Press 5
Enter the first 3-4 letters of the person’s last name. Listen for options provided. Select the appropriate name. Make a note of the voice mail number provided.

(Helpful hint: If you’re looking for the number of an individual with a very common name, i.e. Smith, continue entering letters through the initial of the first name. This will speed up the search process.)


Lee’s Summit R7 staff email addresses are in this format:

For example:

Teachers’ email addresses are posted on the school’s website where they teach, not on the district website. To obtain a teacher’s email address, follow these instructions:

1) On the SCHOOLS menu (above), select the level of school (Early Childhood, Elementary, Middle School, or High School).

2) Select your child’s school from the dropdown box where the schools for that level are listed.

3) Below the school’s picture is a link to the school website. Click on the link. Navigate to the page with the teacher’s name and email address.

For future reference, please write down the email address. All teachers’ email addresses end with “”.

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