Board of Education agrees to administrative reorganization for 2018-19

// Posted By Janice Phelan

Reorganization designed to increase efficiency and ensure equity for all students

The Lee’s Summit R-7 Board of Education agreed to an administrative reorganization at a closed session at the Feb. 22 meeting. The 2018-19 reorganization is designed to address many of the commitments included in Dr. Dennis L. Carpenter’s Superintendent’s 100-Day Report including enhancing efficiency and addressing equity among all students.

“As we look to the needs of all students, it is important to take a strategic approach in organizing our district-level departments and administration,” Dr. Carpenter said. “This reorganization plan places more resources on the student side of our district administration, providing us with greater ability to meet the needs of each child now and in the future.”

During the Board of Education’s discussion regarding the reorganization, Dr. Carpenter shared the following goals.

  • Enhance supports around the goals of supporting the “whole” student, with a more systemic emphasis on equity and each child.
  • Reduce expenditures associated with executive level leadership either by position or title revisions.
  • Consider reorganization in student support to maximize supports and efficiency provided to buildings.
  • Evaluate responsibilities across various offices and determine whether assignment of work is best aligned within the current structure.
  • Develop a structure that allows the district to reduce the learning curves and recruit the most talented individuals to replace retiring key executives who represent more than 100 years of collective professional experience.

The administrative changes should have limited impact on the school district’s budget and will result in an overall cost of approximately $130,829 for 2018-19, which is incorporated into next year’s budget for new staff.  

The reorganization will begin on July 1 and includes the following changes at the district’s Stansberry Leadership Center.

  • With the retirement of Dr. Judy Hedrick, associate superintendent of business and operations, the title of this position will change slightly to assistant superintendent of operational services. The Board of Education agreed to the appointment of Dr. Emily Miller, currently serving as assistant superintendent of special services, to serve in this role next year.
  • With the retirement of Dr. Jeff Miller, associate superintendent of human resources, the title of this job will change slightly to assistant superintendent of human resources. The assistant superintendent will continue to report directly to the superintendent. This position has been posted, and we expect to name the new administrator during March.
  • Dr. Katie Collier, currently our associate superintendent of instruction and leadership, will have a slight title revision to associate superintendent of academic services and will continue to supervise Dr. Jennifer Kephart, assistant superintendent of elementary instruction;  and Dr. David Sharp, assistant superintendent of secondary instruction; all members of the instructional operations team; as well as the district’s new assistant superintendent of equity and student services.
  • Slight revisions to job titles for Dr. Jennifer Kephart and Dr. David Sharp were approved. Assistant superintendent of elementary instruction and assistant superintendent of secondary instruction will change to assistant superintendent elementary education and assistant superintendent of secondary education. These title changes more accurately reflect the scope of these two positions.
  • We are creating a new administrative position for 2018-19 with the addition of an assistant superintendent of equity and student services.  
  • We have made a title adjustment to Dr. Rexanne Hill, currently serving as director of student services. Dr. Hill’s title for 2018-19 will be executive director of student support, and she will report to the new assistant superintendent of equity and student services.
  • With Dr. Emily Miller moving to assistant superintendent of operational services, we will be changing this job title to executive director of special services. This position will be posted soon with the new administrator selected later this spring.
  • With the retirement of Janice Phelan, executive director of communications, we are making a slight title change to executive director of public relations. This position was posted earlier this semester, and the Board of Education approved Kelly Wachel as the new public relations executive director at the Feb. 22 meeting.
  • With the retirement of Kendra Hutsell, director of accounting, we will be changing this position to CFO or chief financial officer. This position will be posted soon, and we will be naming the new CFO later this spring.


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