Equity Timeline

Overview of Equity Timeline

Spring 2016 – Academic Systems Review

In Spring 2016, the Instructional Operations Team requested an Academic Systems Review as part of continuous school improvement efforts. The goal of the view was to gain a clear analysis of where our school district was relative to teaching and learning, as well as to get guidance and feedback in areas for improvement to better meet the needs of our LSR7 students and families.

July 2018 – Board of Education includes equity in top priorities.

At the July 19, 2018, regularly scheduled meeting, the LSR7 Board of Education announced three priorities for the 2018-19 school year:

  1. Increase the achievement of every child through a focus on innovative, practices, student well-being and equity in program design and implementation.
  2. Ensure equitable access to future-ready learning environments by further engaging stakeholders in the development of the district’s Comprehensive Facility Master Plan, aligning fiscal resources and adjusting boundaries to meet the instructional programming ad facility needs of all pre-K-12 students.
  3. Elevate communications by continuing to foster confidence in our school district through increased involvement opportunities, interconnected public relations and engagement.

February 2019 – BOE unanimously approves LSR7 Equity Plan

At the February 21, 2019, meeting, the Board of Education voted unanimously to approve the LSR7 Equity Plan.

August 2019 – Educational Equity Consultants training begins

Educational Equity Consultants begins their training. Please see training evaluation feedback below:

March 2020 – Educational Equity Consultants training discussed

During a work session on March 12, 2020, the Board of Education and district leaders discussed the Educational Equity Consultants training. Click here to hear what our participating staff and students had to say about their experiences.