A Pathway to Success

The Early College Program is a dual enrollment program that offers students the opportunity to earn up to 30 hours of college credit taken at the Metropolitan Community College, Longview Campus. Courses taken through the Early College Program count for both high school and college credit. 

The program works in partnership with Metropolitan Community College and University of Central Missouri to provide seamless transition to the institutions following graduation from high school. College credits taken through the Early College Program have easy transferability to all Missouri public two and four year institutions of higher education per CORE 42 (MO Department of Higher Ed. ). 

Early College Program Benefits

  • Get a Head Start on your Degree
  • Save Money on college costs
  • Gain Access to MCC and UCM Resources
  • Receive a Quality Education  
  • Complete Your Degree at UCM and Receive More Aid
  • Continued access to high school and other career programs
  • Continue to participate in high school sports and activities (MSHAA)
  • Flexible course schedule to accommodate work schedules, internships, community service, ....
  • Ease into college with support

Receive a Quality Education & Get a Head Start on your Degree

  • Participation in the Early College Program will allow students to quickly complete a two- or four-year degree or workforce certificate program. Dual enrollment through MCC-Longview allows students to take classes on the college campus while earning high school credit at the same time. 
  • Courses are offered in the following Career Pathways: Business, Criminal Justice, Education, and General Education. 
  • Students can enroll in 3 - 15 college credit hours per semester. The schedule allows students the flexibility to stay at their high school campus part-time or participate in another off-campus program. A student's graduation status may allow the student to attend MCC - LV full-time their senior year. 
  • A full-time LSR7 Early College Program coordinator is located at the campus of MCC-LV for student support. 

Save Money

  • MCC dual enrollment reduces college tuition costs for high school students. The tuition cost for an Early College Program student is $53.50 per credit hour. (Regular tuition rate is $107 per credit hour) 

  • Qualifying students receive free tuition and textbooks, funded by Lee’s Summit R-7. 

  • Transportation from your high school to the MCC - Longview Campus is provided by the Lee’s Summit R-7 School District, with students also having the opportunity to provide their own transportation if they prefer.

Gain Access to MCC and UCM Resources

  • As an Early College Program student, you will have full student privileges at MCC  including advising, tutoring, libraries, student services and other programs. 
  • Tutoring services in all subject areas and a writing studio are provided at no cost to students. 
  • Students are able to seamlessly transfer to MCC, UCM and other colleges and universities.
  • CORE 42 and MOTransfer guarantees the transfer of credit to any two-and-four year Missouri public institution of higher education.  
  • LSR7 provides an on campus coordinator to support and assist students and act as a liaison between MCC and LSR7.

Complete Your Degree at UCM and Receive More Aid

All new, degree-seeking freshmen who began the Early College Program are eligible for the following scholarships:

  • The Early College Program scholarship of $500 during their final semester at UCM.

  • A 15-to-Finish scholarship of up to $1,000 in their senior year if they complete within four years.

  • UCM’s Red and Black scholarship of up to $5,000.

How to Apply

For more information regarding the Early College Program, contact Erin Barnett (Coordinator, Early College Program) at (816) 604 - 2114 and erin.barnett@lsr7.net or your school counselor.