LSR7 Equity

LSR7 Equity Plan Overall Goals

Goal 1: Governance and Leadership

  • Ensure district-wide practices reflect the needs of our diverse school community.
  • Support the integrated focus and analysis of equity into organizational policies, procedures and leadership.

Goal 2: Professional Learning and Development

  • Develop and implement a comprehensive professional development support model that enhances governance, district, and building administrators’ instructional leadership in the area of equitable and cultural practices.
  • Increase the number of equity based professional learning opportunities.
  • Increase staff participation in equity based training.

Goal 3: Curriculum and Instruction

  • Increase curricular materials that reflect diversity.
  • Increase student exposure to culturally relevant teaching and learning.

Goal 4: Student-Centered Support and Programming

  • Implement district-wide equity decision making protocols to narrow achievement gaps and monitor academic progress of targeted student groups.
  • Improve systems of support that increase student success.
  • Increase student engagement.

Goal 5: Parent and Community Engagement

  • Increase parent/community engagement to support district-wide initiatives and school improvement efforts.
  • Increase opportunities for community and family learning.
  • Increase community partnerships.

Goal 6: Recruitment, Hiring, Development and Retention

  • Develop and monitor a system to recruit, retain and promote a diverse workforce within the district.
  • Increase staff diversity representative of the student population.

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