LSR7 Equity


Overview of Timeline

October 2020 - Equity Training

Oct. 7: Assistant principals engaged in equity training through Educational Equity Consultants.

September 2020 - Equity Training
  • Sept. 2: Assistant Superintendent of Equity & Student Services Dr. Christy Barger led equity professional development for Lee's Summit Elementary staff focused on equity, bias and microaggressions.

  • Sept. 21-22: Educational Equity Consultants provided equity-based leadership professional development for all new LSR7 leaders and Operations leaders.
August 2020 - Equity Training and Hiring Data
  • Aug. 25: Dr. Barger led equity professional development at Mason Elementary focused on belonging, dignity and bias.

  • Aug. 24: Dr. Barger led equity professional development for Richardson Elementary staff focused on equity, bias and microaggressions.

  • Aug. 20: The LSR7 Board of Education received a written report, Human Resources
    Annual Program Evaluation 2019-2020 (PDF), from Assistant Superintendent for Human Resources Dr. Deborah Delsemme.

  • Aug. 18: Dr. Barger led equity professional development with Nutrition Services building managers around Verna Myers' book, "What if I Say the Wrong Thing?"

  • Throughout the month:
    • Every LSR7 staff member engaged in an hour of equity learning focused on belonging and dignity.
    • Every LSR7 middle and high school staff member participated in two hours of virtual equity professional development with Dr. Nicole Price from Lively Paradox.
    • Every LSR7 principal and assistant principal participated in an hour of training on bias through EEC.
July 2020 - Funding for Equity Training

Board of Education approved $85,000 in additional funds to expand the equity plan work for the second year.
(Educational Equity Consultants and Lively Paradox)

August 2019 - Equity Training Begins

Educational Equity Consultants begins their training. Please see training evaluation feedback below:

July 2018 - Equity included in Board of Education's Top Priorities

At the July 19, 2018, regularly scheduled meeting, the LSR7 Board of Education announced three priorities for the 2018-19 school year:

  1. Increase the achievement of every child through a focus on innovative, practices, student well-being and equity in program design and implementation.
  2. Ensure equitable access to future-ready learning environments by further engaging stakeholders in the development of the district's Comprehensive Facility Master Plan, aligning fiscal resources and adjusting boundaries to meet the instructional programming and facility needs of all pre-K-12 students.
  3. Elevate communications by continuing to foster confidence in our school district through increased involvement opportunities, interconnected public relations and engagement.
Spring 2016 - Academic Systems Review

In Spring 2016, the Instructional Operations Team requested an Academic Systems Review as part of continuous school improvement efforts. The goal of the view was to gain a clear analysis of where our school district was relative to teaching and learning, as well as to get guidance and feedback in areas for improvement to better meet the needs of our LSR7 students and families.

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