The East Trails Middle School Bison are stampeding into town. The Board of Education approved a Naming Committee recommendation for the fourth middle school on June 15.

After reviewing public submissions and crafting possible options for the Board, a committee of parents, students and staff recommended possibilities to elected officials earlier this year:

The LSR7 Board of Education chose:
East Trails Middle School Bison (Colors: Green + black + silver)

The Board considered:
East View Middle School Rattlers (Colors: Purple + silver)
Sunrise Acres Middle School Dragons (Color: Purple + orange + white)

Team Focus

The Naming Committee will focus on evaluating name, mascot and school colors options for the new fourth middle school that uphold the mission and values of the Lee's Summit R-7 School District. The committee will recommend three proposals for the Board of Education to consider.

Team Members

Katy Bergen, district administrator, facilitator (SLC)

Whitney Morehead, district administrator, facilitator (SLMS/New Middle)

Don Andrews, district administrator (SLC)

Christie Brown, staff member (SLMS)

Dan McCullough, parent (SLMS)

Miller Wood, student (SLMS)

Michelle Dixon, parent (CCE)

Michelle Elton, parent (PVE)

Will Chuba, student (PLMS)

Kwasi Pryor, student (HPE)

Luke Bell, parent (RHE, BCMS) 

Rebecca Wright, staff (HPE)

Sydney Hockerson, student (MAE)

Thomas Cates (Alumni parent, LSW robotics mentor) 


The Naming Committee convened in April and May 2021. The Board of Education approved the team's proposal in June 2021.