The ultimate goal of the Middle School programming team is to recommend a 6-8 grade curricula program to be implemented in the 2022-23 school year in all four LSR7 middle schools.

Team Focus

The focus of the programming’s team work will be on the curricula programs offered to 6-8 students that will best prepare them for high school.

Recommendations from this group will take into consideration the physical, intellectual, social and emotional needs of students in grades 6-8. The team will keep close to mind that during middle school a student experiences rapid growth and change and therefore requires support.

This group will also reach out and review other school district’s 6-8 middle school curricula program models.

Team Members

The members of the Middle School Programming Team are:

Dr. Don Andrews, Assistant Superintendent of Secondary Education 

Dr. Eric Flack, Executive Director of Curriculum 

Dr. Patrick Shelton, Assistant Superintendent of Elementary Education

Dr. Jennifer Kephart, Associate Superintendent of Instruction (Ad Hoc) 

Dr. Tressa Wright, Director of Assessment 

Jeff Scalfaro Middle School Principal, BCMS

Dr. David Sharp Middle School Principal, PLMS 

David Mitchell Middle School Principa,l SLMS 

Whitney Morehead, Middle School Principal #4 

Kim Hassler, Elementary Principal LFE 

Shannan Booth, Coordinator of Career Education 

Connie Ficken, Secondary Lead Counselor LSNS 

Casey Blakemore, Elementary Lead Counselor RHE 

Jennifer Montgomery, Middle School Counselor PLMS 

Polly Lauck, Gifted Teacher UWE 

Kendra Burke, SPED Coordinator MP 

Aimee Fresia, Department Chair Art (Elem) PVE

Kathy Graves, Department Chair Art (Sec) LSW

Brian Freeborn, Middle School Art Teacher SLMS 

Sherri Norton, Department Chair BMIT LSN 

Whitney Stanley, Business/Marketing Teacher BCMS 

Jeff Buckner, Department Chair EIT BCMS

Keith Albert, Industrial Technology Teacher PLMS 

Anne Stichnoth, Curriculum Specialist ELA (Elem) SLC 

Lisa Janeway, Curriculum Specialist ELA (Sec) SLC 

Ibby Griffin, ELA Teacher SLMS

Kathy Nash, Curriculum Specialist FCS STA 

Erica Leslie, Family Consumer Science Teacher BCMS 

Megan Chambers, Department Chair LMC (Sec) LSW 

Tracy Baker, Library Media Specialist PLMS 

Susan Phillips, Curriculum Specialist Math (Elem) SLC 

Sherri Kane, Curriculum Specialist Math (Sec) SLC 

Suzanne Patterson, Math Teacher SLMS 

Aaron Layendecker, Department Chair Modern Language LSN 

Dr. Heather Kenney, Elementary Principal/2021-22 Assistant Superintendent of Elementary SPE

Jenny Wickstrom, Modern Language Teacher BCMS

Amy Krinke, Department Chair Music LSW

Holly Dahn, Music Teacher SLMS

Steve Taylor, Department Chair PE (Sec) LSN

Joe Rohlfing, Physical Education Teacher BCMS

Frank Vovk, Curriculum Specialist Science SLC

Dr. Ricky Boedeker, Science Teacher PLMS

Emily Wegner, Curriculum Specialist Social Studies SLC

Ben Thomason, Social Studies Teacher BCMS

Brian Thackrah, Broadcast/Speech/Theatre SLMS

Chris Conniff, 6th Grade Teacher TRE

Amye Dunning, 6th Grade Teacher HGE


The Middle School Programming Team will meet from February 2021 through May 2021. The Board of Education will be presented with the team’s recommendations during their May 2021 meeting/work session.

The Board of Education will provide input and feedback. The recommendation will be taken to the Board for final approval during their June 2021 meeting. This timeline may be adjusted due to the team's ability to meet in person or gather the necessary information.