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R-7 bullying awareness – stand up for someone

Sharing facts about our district’s stand against bullying and cyberbullying as well as information about how to report bullying or cyberbullying.

Resources for parents:

School Safety

Within the Lee’s Summit R-7 School District, maintaining a safe learning environment for all students and staff is a constant top priority at each school. More details are available at this link.

Sharing information about enterovirus D68 (EV-D68)

Information regarding enterovirus D68, including symptoms and prevention is available at this link.

Talking to kids about national tragedies

The following tips for parents are from an article by Dr. David Fassler from the Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry.

Dating violence

Hope House shares important tips about how to talk to your teen about dating violence.

Procedures for flyer distribution to students and for flyers on the district website

Regulations related to informational flyers are listed at this Board of Education Policies web page.

Preparing for the seasonal flu and possibly the pandemic flu

Along with health and government organizations across the state, the R-7 School District is preparing for both the normal seasonal flu as well as the possibility of a pandemic flu.

helpful information

Informational Flyers

The Lee’s Summit R-7 School District offers not-for-profit organizations the opportunity to communicate student-related information to R-7 families.  By posting this information on the web, organizations will have the opportunity to reach families of all R-7 students. Please view our web page for flyer information.

The “Choking Game”

Nationally, a growing number of pre-teens and teenagers are participating in a dangerous practice, known as the “choking game.” According to one website, the choking game has claimed the lives of more than 50 children nationally in the past year alone.

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Alcohol / Drug Abuse

Lee’s Summit Cares is a community task force working to combat substance abuse and promote youth safety in Lee’s Summit.

LS Cares website

Internet Safety and Children

The R-7 School Counseling Department provides the following information to help parents keep their children safe on the Internet.

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Warning Signs of Suicide

Incidents of suicide often increase after a suicide has occurred in a community and during the holiday seasons. It is always important to be aware of the emotions and behaviors of teens. The following information is provided to help you in dealing with suicidal behaviors.

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Helping Kids Cope with Grief

We have helpful tips regarding children coping with grief, per Darcie D. Sims. Also included is information adapted from an article by Victor M. Parachin, M. Div. regarding whether children should attend funerals.

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Helping Kids During Times of International Conflict

~~ Tips for parents and other adults ~~
R-7 staff members are aware that several families in the school district are dealing with military deployment of family members. If your child has a relative who has been deployed or will be deployed due to military action, please let your school staff know if you believe we can be helpful. School staff members have developed plans to help students deal with times of national and international crisis. Several schools have established support groups for children whose parents or other family members have been or will be deployed.

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Backpack strategies for parents and students

Carrying too much weight in backpacks or wearing them the wrong way can lead to pain for students. Click here to view a flyer from the American Occupational Therapy Association with tips about loading and wearing backpacks.

Planning for emergencies:

A family safety guide
The Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services offers information to help families prepare for emergencies at The Metropolitan Emergency Managers Committee also offers a free booklet listing metro-area resources and information at

Lee’s Summit Community of Character

This website, sponsored through Lee’s Summit Cares, provides resources for parents, including parenting classes and workshops, upcoming family events and youth news. The page also features the character trait of the month at

Keeping children safe in the sun

The SunWise program, offered through the United States Environmental Protection Agency, aims to teach children and adults how to protect themselves from overexposure to the sun through use of classroom-, school- and community-based components. For more information, visit

Earthquake Preparedness

The State of Missouri has a significant seismic zone located in the southeastern portion of the state called the New Madrid Seismic Zone. This seismic zone is predicted by many experts to see significant activity in the years to come. This seismic zone affects not only Missouri, but seven total states. The last significant earthquake produced from the New Madrid Seismic Zone was in 1812 and caused the Mississippi River to flow backwards. The Lee’s Summit R-7 School District prepares for emergencies through an all-hazards approach including planning and education. To read more about how to prepare and react to an earthquake along with history and many other resources, visit the Missouri’s State Emergency Management Agency (SEMA) website at

Know the facts about head lice

Head lice, which are small parasitic insects, are a common occurrence among children with approximately one in 100 U.S. elementary-age children getting head lice during any given year. The peak infestation time for head lice are generally during summer and other back-to-school periods, such as early January. For more information, see document.


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