LSR7 is partnering with The Kauffman Foundation's Real World Learning initiative to help prepare our region, students, and employers for the future.

Real World LearningIn a Real World Learning (RWL) community, students prepare for work, school, and life after high school graduation. They develop skills to navigate their future through real-world projects and internships across a range of interests, industries, and employers.

Employers can participate to help share and prepare today’s students to become the talent of tomorrow (click here to learn about how businesses can get involved). 

LSR7's Diploma Plus uses a RWL grant.

Diploma PlusLSR7 created Diploma Plus to support LSR7 graduates leaving high school ready for learning, work, and life.  Starting with the class of 2022, LSR7 will award the Diploma Plus to students who develop a skill valued and recognized by an industry. Watch this 5-minute overview video to learn more about Diploma Plus.