Fall 2020 Reopening Survey Feedback

As we continue to prepare for the 2020-21 school year, we are committed to keeping our families, staff, and community members informed, in addition to finding opportunities to receive feedback from our school family. Our preliminary plans were informed in part by feedback from nearly 8000 families and 1,600 staff members, who took a reentry survey in late June.

Notable Survey Takeaways - Family

The Fall Reopening Family Survey sent to the parents or guardians of LSR7’s nearly 18,000 students (roughly 10K family units) on June 25 and remained open for one week. We received 7,800 responses.

  • 71% - Respondents who indicated they plan on sending student(s) to in-person school this August.
  • 85% - Respondents who answered "no" or "uncertain" to a question about returning to school who are interested in an LSR7 all-online option.
  • 72% - Respondents who indicated they are “extremely comfortable” or “somewhat comfortable” having students return to school this fall if public health officials if schools adapt public health and safety guidelines per public health guidance to the greatest extent possible.
  • Top Three Concerns: Larger-scale gatherings (cafeterias, assemblies, etc.); cleanliness/sanitization of classrooms; limited ability to socially distance in a classroom
  • Top Three Considerations: Daily cleaning and sanitization; readily available sanitizing supplies; home symptoms check of students/employees

Notable Survey Takeaways - Staff

The LSR7 Employee Reentry Survey was sent to LSR7 employees on June 25 and remained open for a one-week period. We received 1,600 responses.

  • 90.04 % of staff indicated they plan on returning to their school or work site. 0.63% indicated they would not. 9.33% percent are undecided.
  • Top three concerns: limited ability to socially distance in a classroom; sanitization of classrooms/work sites; larger scale gatherings such as a cafeteria/assemblies.
  • Top three considerations: Daily cleaning/sanitizing; readily available sanitizing supplies, including hand sanitizer; implementing social distancing when possible.

Families on Reopening

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Staff on Reopening

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